The s-mail and e-mail addresses, as well as phone numbers, of the members of the Northern Virginia Base are protected for privacy reasons. Members of USSVI can find out contact information for an individual member of the Base (or other USSVI members) by going to and click on the “Member Login” button atop the left hand column. Follow the instructions to “Log In” and then click on the “Home” button in the left hand column. That returns you to the main page where you click on the “USSVI Members” button in the left hand column. Next click on the “Find A Member” button, enter the appropriate information (the more the better as there are a lot of members with the same last name) and you will be transferred to a list of members with that information. Click on “View” to be taken to that members record.

If you have any difficulty in getting the appropriate information please contact one of the Base officers.