Dex Captures Frogman

by Adrian Stuke

Dex's return trip to Bermuda brought to mind another of mine and my mates adventures.

They have closed the Naval Base down now so it is no longer a security secret. In the 1961 time frame of the cold war, the Bermuda Naval Base was to be used as the Presidential command center in case of an all out attack on the USA. Needless to say, the security at the base had to be at it's highest level at all times. Security was so tight that the waters were even full of hydrophones to detect any type of an attack from any direction and/or method.

The Requin was on a training mission and we had some guys on board who were from a UDT outfit. Anyway, we were underway about a week before their mission took place so Dex and I got to know several of the UDT/FROGMEN. It has to be noted at this point that these guys were a special unit within the UDT's. I can't remember what their exact title was for this, but it was the early days of the Navy SEALS. I know that the Navy SEALS weren't official until 1962, but bet your ass we had them prior to announcing to the world about our special ops unit... Got to love that old cold war shit we used to do... Anyway, one night we came up to periscope depth, several miles off shore, and the UDT team made their underwater escape from the Requin's forward escape hatch, rubber boat and all.

The purpose of their mission was a "Red Cell" operation to check national security at the base. Dex and I became friends with one guy named Jenkins, Jason, Jennings, or something like that, and made arrangements to go to a local watering hole the coming weekend for some suds and loose women. By the way, they did come back aboard when we got into port as we did take them back to Norfolk/Virginia Beach.

Well, we did go on liberty with "J" and he told us their mission was a total success, and in a short time the 8 man UDT team had captured the entire base. Well, needless to say, the Bermuda Naval base became the behind for everyone in Washington to take a bite out of and they were pissed about it because the base reacted with canceling all liberty on the base.

Dex, "J," and I were having a few and in walks three Shore Patrol from the Naval Station, who start giving "J" a bunch of crap about all the trouble his team did to the base. The next thing I know one of the Shore Patrol is poking "J" with his night stick trying to start a fight. I remember thinking that there was 3 of them and 3 of us so all was cool, not to worry. Well, all of a sudden "J" jumps up from the table and climbs right in their shit. Dex and I hadn't seen moves like that so we just stood and watched him do his thing. Believe me, he was finely tuned/trained fighting machine. He didn't need our help. Hell, Dex and I were like his corner men.

Up pops the devil and in walks more base Shore Patrol and they have a whole herd of them in a van outside of the bar. They give "J" a hard time and even put him in handcuffs and were going to haul him to the brig for fighting, etc. Well, out comes my Shore Patrol band from my special Bermuda liberty pack. Remember, the boats had to provide several people from the in-port duty section to do Shore Patrol duty so there was never any suspicion when I had to go to my Batman utility belt for the SP armband. Dex and I walk over to them and proceed to tell them that "J" was on our boat for his mission and that he had stolen Navy property while on board and the skipper wanted him back because he was going to hang him. These guys are on the brink of an orgasm thinking about him in the brig after what the UDT did to them.

Although they turned him over to us to take him back I realized a slight problem Dex and I had overlooked: no handcuff keys. The three of us are walking down the street with "J" in some serious handcuffs, and we are trying to find the bar that the Requin Shore Patrol personnel are in. Hey, real boat sailors don't write up boat sailors. I would go in the bars with my arm band showing and Dex would stay outside with "J." I remember walking outside of the first bar, and by the way he was holding on to his arm, thinking Dex had caught a Frogman. We finally found the right bar and ran into our guys and got some handcuff keys and unlocked "J."

Now that I think about it, I do believe there might have been an article in the National Enquirer about Dex's Frogman capture...

Now, I know what the article was about: 'Frogman captures the rare Dex species.'

Got to love my mate...

If anyone out there was on this UDT special team aboard the Requin in 1961, please contact Dex or I, and tell us what th' hell was "J's" name.

'Laugh for the health of it'

Adrian Stuke