The Day Dex Died

by Adrian Stuke

I shouldn't tell this story because I never did repay Dex the white Navy jumper I ruined for him. It is another classic case of saving his ass once again. Oh well, not to worry, Dex really can't read anyway. He dictates all his stories to Solveig.

It must have been a slow night at Bells because we ended up across the street at Lovey's. Lovey's was like walking into any bus terminal toilet. Any bar in the world smells like stale beer, but not Lovey's..... I think it was called essence of Pine Sol.

As described in the Plan of the Day, a fight broke out among some surface scuds. It was a real knock down, drag out. Dex and I were in the back, probably eating chicken gizzards or some other culinary delight known to come out of the fine establishments along Hampton Blvd. Ever wondered how food can smell so good and taste like old bow lines?

All of a sudden the doors open and in comes a whole herd of SP's blowing those damn whistles they gave them. Well, I didn't need the mentality of a rocket scientist to figure out we were busted. I threw catsup in Dex's face and on his jumper. I threw him over my shoulder and started carrying him out the door yelling this man was injured bad. Now back then we didn't have Halogen bulbs so it wasn't hard to pull off.

We got outside and here sits a whole covey of SP paddy wagons and everybody from the Norfolk base who had duty that night that they rounded up and gave a SP armband. I'm yelling that I need to get to the Orion sick bay, right, because the man is hurt bad. You got it... They bought it. Drove Dex and I right on the pier to the tender. The SP got out of there fast as I think he was on the verge of an orgasm because he had to load up back at the bar.

Well, the next day here comes a SP wagon right up to the Requin. Seems as though the driver had remembered Dex's ship patch and he was there to fill out a report. Well, I was topside at the time with the usual suspects in the topside gang and intercepted him at the guard shack. I explained Dex had gotten his throat cut in the bar fight, and the Orion did their best to save him but he had to be transferred to the base hospital due to all the blood loss. I can still see the SP standing there with his report form in hand asking how he was doing and I told him Dex passed away that morning. He just closed his book and left.

Thanks Hunt's... You saved our butts that night.