And God Created Smokeboat Sailors

by Mike Hemming

It was admittedly long after the seventh day. After all, the human race had to get the ability to design and build a diesel powered submarine. But God had prepared for the day of their coming. Hidden away in some special human beings was and still is the Smokeboat gene. It will never be found in all the DNA maps that are ever done, but it is there. It will remain there until smokeboats return when they are needed.

God implanted this gene that only shows up in a few of each generation. He knew that this was to be a delayed creation. Some might say he didn’t want to take the blame at that time, but in truth, He knew the world wasn’t ready then.

With this gene God gave us the desire to do something that few can do, to live inside their war machine that travels and fights under the sea.

He gave us the guts to ignore the dangers of the sea around us without being foolhardy idiots.

He gave us the ability to train ourselves and each other that we trust each other to do the right thing and not make mistakes.

He gave us the ability to see through the useless things about a shipmate and down to the core. The important core of whether a mate has what is needed to be there through the good and the bad.

He gave us some of the finest shipmates that ever sailed the seven seas. Mates that will stick by you and be there when needed.

He gave us friendships that endure for our entire lives.

He gave us the ability to laugh and have fun when life wasn’t funny and was hard work.

He gave us some of the best times of our young lives.

He gave us the right to bitch and complain about our boat. Included was the right to punch out any outsider that said anything bad about our boat.

Finally, He gave us the ability to remember only the best parts all those years later.

It wasn’t a bad deal, all things considered.

Maybe God never was a Smokeboat sailor but he sure knew what was needed to be one.