Angles and Dangles

by Billy Bob 'Launcher' Lary

'Angles and Dangles' (sounds like a cross between geometry and butt cheese), is not a term many DBFers are familiar with, but every 'glow in the dark' subsurface sailor has some experience with. For us 'boomer' guys it meant that sometime during our sea trials, we would pretend that we were a glider and try to take this big long black tube and turn it into a ballerina. At times it seemed like the skipper was trying to stand the ol' girl on either her nose or her toes.

5 degrees up or down or 10 degrees up or down didn't phase too many of us, but try takin' a 35 degree down bubble or how about a 30 degree turn... This may piss-off the skipper, if someone finds out the hard way what's not stowed for sea and at the same time everyone onboard will find out if they're ready to ride submersibles.

I've seen (or done) numerous things during these evolutions... Stand on non-skid decking and act like a meter needle (try saying that 10 times real fast), sit on a navy blanket at one end of the Missile Compartment Middle level, port side and slide from one end to the other (Praying that the doc or the nukes don't open the door to their office. Had that happen a couple of times... No teeth or bones broke, just had a few hellacious boo-boos... I mean bruises). But ya gotta be careful at the end of the ride, you don't want to smash into the fire control switchboard or fly up into the scrubbers and burners... You hit one of them and break something, it better be you.

Another thing we did was to go into the mess decks and hold yourself up between two benches and swing back and forth, watching the deck move out away from you. Hey you know what they say,

"Simple pleasures, simple minds..."

It's not to hard to entertain the weak minded.

See what GOOD times you smoke boaters miss...

Billy Bob Lary .