Cock Sock

by Billy Bob 'Launcher' Lary

I know I know, it's four days after Christmas and here I am posting something concerning Christmas at sea. Well it's taken me this long to decide if this was a good place to tell this little tale. So I've decided, here is as good a place as any.

Christmas '77, SSBN-619 (Blue) (I believe… maybe '76). Anyway, TM3(SS) Lary is at sea during Christmas. With nobody back home to send him anything, the outlook for gifts is bleak. I was gonna take the watch in the missile compartment so that all of the married guys (including those with girlfriends) could go to the mess decks and get their stuff.

GOD BLESS NAVY WIVES! Seems as though they all got together and made care packages for those of us single, unattached guys so we wouldn't feel left out.

Well, I picked up my "gifts" when my name was called and parked it with the rest of the Launcher guys. I forget all that I got, candy, deck of cards, Louie Lamour western, etc., etc., things like that. BUT, that wasn't all we ALL got, and this particular gift is firmly imbedded into my gray matter like Prussian blue on your ass after... That's another tale, anyway.

The Ladies of our crew had knitted everybody a nice cock sock.

The funny thing is, not only was it sent anonymously, but that the damn thing fit perfectly!!!!

I wasn't the only single, unattached sailor that this happened to either. Kinda makes me wonder what happened at all those parties I remember going to, but, can't remember what happened during or after. I musta had a good time during at least one of them.

Somewhere out there I lost that little wooly thing, I mean sock. Good thing too, now I don't hafta explain to the wife or kids what it is or where it came from.

Billy Bob Lary

P.S. Thanks darlin'.