Roger RamJet

by Bob 'Dex' Armstrong

I have no idea who Roger RamJet is… Only that it is damn fortunate that we rode SUBRON SIX boats at different times in the history of the petroleum force. Jeezuz, if one-tenth of the stuff in his epic piece of literary endeavor is true, it is fortunate for said Roger that 'Three Strikes, Your Out' legislation was to be enacted well after his return to civilian life. Roger was one of those "All the King's Horses and All the King's Men" (to include Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Baily and Jeezus) couldn't keep out of hot water.

This Thanksgiving, the entire world should drop to it's knees and give thanks to the Great White Buffalo or whatever Diety they believe in, that Mr. RamJet and I never pulled liberty together. I never understood the concept of 'Enough is enough' and lived in a world where it was impossible to be too outrageous, or comprehend the point where idiot behavior and the UCMJ collided. Senior RamJet seems to have engaged in similar research.

We were diesel boat sailors - a downline link in a continuous chain of seagoing knuckleheads, who rode Naval vessels the EPA, Food & Drug Administration, and Humane Society would condemn today. We invented second hand smoke… We were good at what we did, but registered heavily on the Richter scale of improper social behavior… It was our legacy.

I hope Mr. RamJet is currently under lock and key or at least chained to an 80 ft. oak tree.