SUBVETS Wants You, Horsefly

by Bob 'Dex' Armstrong

For years I had my old Silver Dolphins tucked away in my cufflink box… Every now and then when I was looking for a tie clip or a shirt stud, I would come across my old Dolphins and for a moment, a smile would be triggered by raw pride.

I had no one to share those memories with… No one would understand much less care. It was all so long ago, and geography and years had separated me from both my boat and shipmates… I thought I had lost my grip on the magic that you feel when you are a part of the U.S. Submarine community.

The United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. and the dedicated men who stoke the fires that keep it going strong have given the magic back to us. They have done something that force leadership failed to do…They have provided a platform where lads who rode piston-powered boats could drain beer glasses with lads who rode proton-powered boats, share the comradeship we should have shared a long time ago and trade bullshit by the forklift load.

Submarine sailors are notorious for failing to say thank you… We were so damn close that 'Thank you's' were simply understood… The unsaid stuff was a large part of the brotherhood of the undersea service.

But as you grow older, your sense of appreciation matures and you recognize that the road has an end and that you had better toss your 'Thank you's' on the messdeck table for your mates to sift through because your I.O.U.s will expire when the bastards nail the lid on your box.

Subvets has given us all a late in life, 'After the ball is over' rerun... Whoever thought it up and those who are devoting time to keep it 'Full on four', deserve our sincere thanks… A sort of mass invisible handshake from all of us who have benefited from the restoration of our wonderful boatservice memories. Subvets lets an old coot run barefoot over the bare titties of the Goddess of the Main Induction, to tap dance with the devil and howl at the moon. That is no small gift.

If you rode the boats… Qualified, and remember how damn special it all was, and you haven't linked up with Subvets, dig in your mattress money and mail in for your membership. We were an elite service… That's not bogus bragging, it's a damn fact. When you take the totality of American service veterans, there aren't a helluva lot of us. Having said that, it is important for those of us our country pinned Dolphins on, to support the guys who are keeping us together. Look on it as a kind of alumni obligation. Hell, all of us blow more than Subvets dues on a lot of stuff we don't really need.

Hey, it's the right thing to do if you ever stowed your entire inventory of earthy belongings inside the pressure hull of a U.S. submarine. No one suggested this, promoted it or even knew I was doing it. It is just an old E-3 long overdue 'Thank you' to the great guys who run the 'All-Comers Clubhouse', for guys who made a living poking invisible holes in saltwater.

If you want to know how to join, click on the below link.

And tell 'em, DEX promised you an alley rack.