Ray 'Olgoat' Stone

by Bob 'Dex' Armstrong

The After Battery Rat would like to make a long overdue statement.

If there had not been a Ray Stone, there would never have been a romp through the 'Rat Memories' and the deluge of horse manure that has saturated the foregoing.

It was Ray's idea. He asked for it and has supported it. I don't think he ever expected the extent of the wagon load he has gotten, but he has formatted it and has been the publisher of it.

He created 'Stone's Scurvy Skivvy Sack'. It was his idea... Alone he set out to create the cyberspace equivalent of a table in a boatsailor's bar. He has never filtered out the bullshit or filed down the horns on anything I have sent him. Ray and lovely Sherri have taken the raw product and served it up with hair, horns and tail... They didn't tie pink ribbons on any of it.

The Skivvy Sack is the repository of the enlisted history of the post-war smoke boat sub force. It is a history that appears in no other forum. I encourage each of you to send Ray your stories. Without them, history will assign our era a blank space in the history of the force we loved... We will be a wasteland between World War II and the Rickover sub force.

Even if we only spin our yarns for each other, they will have found a voice.

I will always be grateful to all of you and your kind encouragement and I would like to acknowledge the debt I owe to Ray Stone, the incubator for what is becoming the worlds largest bullshit motherload.