Smokeboat Quiz #45

Torpedo Tubes - Part 3.

1) Is it possible to cross connect the impulse bottles for tubes 1, 2 or 3?
a) yes
b) no
c) 1 and 3 may be cross connected
d) 1 and 2 may be cross connected


3) The purpose of the poppet valve is to:
a) admit air into the tube when firing to eject the torpedo
b) open after after the torpedo starts forward, venting impulse air into hull
c) open after torpedo leaves the tube, venting impulse air into hull
d) vent the tube after outer door is shut


5) After firing, the torpedoman shuts the poppet valve by:
a) opening the tube vent operating lever
b) shutting the poppet discharge stop valve
c) gagging the poppet valve shut
d) depressing the reset button and shutting the vent closing valve


7) How long would the poppet valve be open if we fired at depths of 225 feet and 90 feet?
a) 1.9 sec. - 2.5 sec.
b) 1.5 sec. - 3.5 sec.
c) 1.8 sec. - 2.5 sec.
d) 1.9 sec. - 3.6 sec.


9) All '21' inch torpedoes are fired by:
a) impulse firing
b) runout firing
c) silent firing
d) any of the above may be used
2) The gyro setting spindle has a ____ shaped shank at its engaging end.
a) square-male
b) square-female
c) triangular-male
d) triangular-female


4) In the submerged torpedo tube, the purpose of the anti-refire valve plunger is to:
a) open the poppet valve
b) vent the lifting cup and direct ships service air to the stop cylinder
c) cut off ships service air to the stop cylinder and puts it to the lifting cup loading valve
d) reseat firing valve lifting cup before pilot valve is opened


6) The poppet valve is opened by air pressure, it is closed by:
a) spring pressure
b) air pressure
c) sea pressure
d) both a and c


8) The factor/s used in determining the length of time the poppet should remain open is/are:
a) depth of tube
b) type of torpedo
c) length of torpedo
d) both a and b


10) After firing, the poppet system fails to work properly, you would:
a) gag the poppet valve shut
b) shut the poppet valve
c) shut the poppet discharge stop valve
d) both a and b are correct

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