Smokeboat Quiz #44

Torpedo Tubes - Part 2.

1) The purpose of the tripping latch is to:
a) start the torpedo after it leaves the tube
b) start the torpedo before it leaves the tube
c) position the torpedo in the tube
d) trip the poppet valve


3) With the tripping latch cam in normal operating position, the tripping latch will be clear of the tube when the:
a) breech door is open
b) breech door is closed
c) stop rod is in the after position
d) cam roller is forced from downward to upward position


5) Three revolutions of the depth setting crank will be required to add ___ feet to the depth of the torpedo run.
a) 3
b) 6
c) 9
d) 15


7) The engaging and disengaging lever and the bell crank:
a) rotate the speed setting socket
b) raises and lowers the speed spindle
c) blocks the motion of interlock bolt
d) releases the interlock sleeve


9) The indicating dials that show the gyro angle set on torpedo in tube are located:
a) on each torpedo tube
b) on gyro setting indicator regulator in conning tower
c) on torpedo data computer in each torpedo room
d) on gyro setting indicator regulator in each torpedo room
2) The action which prevents the electrical setting cable from shorting out when the cable is cut upon firing is:
a) the line is fused to blow
b) the cable will short, but the small current won't hurt equipment
c) the transfer switch shuts off current
d) the MK 5 switch is shut off automatically


4) The MK 5 switch box will:
a) energize the firing solonoid
b) de-energize the electric inputs to the torpedo as stop bolt is raised
c) energize the torpedo starting circuit
d) both b and c


6) The tripping latch is positioned for firing by:
a) the torpedo stop cylinder
b) return movement of stop rod
c) the selector valve
d) shutting the breech door


8) If the Ready to Fire lever cannot be raised although it is believed the tube is ready to fire, the most probable cause is:
a) gyro spindle disengaged
b) gyro spindle engaged
c) depth spindle engaged
d) either b or c


10) The gyro setting spindle is disengaged upon firing the torpedo by:
a) the action of the stop piston rod moving muzzleward
b) the action of the stop piston rod moving breechward
c) the action of the stop bolt moving upward
d) manually engaging the engaging lever

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