Smokeboat Quiz #43

Torpedo Tubes - Part 1.

1) The purpose of the slot extending throughout the length of the tube at its highest point is to:
a) prevent the torpedo from moving fore and aft in the tube
b) prevent the torpedo from rotating
c) position the torpedo correctly in the tube
d) insure maximum work from impulse air


3) Which of the following features on a torpedo and tube hold the torpedo in place in the tube?
a) depth, speed and gyro spindles
b) stop bolt, guide stud and gyro
c) guide stud, tripping latch and tail stop
d) stop bolt, guide stud and tail stop


5) The purpose of the thrust blocks on power operated muzzle doors is to:
a) prevent the doors from opening too far
b) operate the doors in hand
c) align the control valve so oil ports are correctly positioned
d) prevent damage to the spur gear


7) The water in the torpedo tube may be removed by which of the following methods?
a) blowing
b) draining
c) pumping
d) all of the above


9) Accidental blowing of WRT to Trim tank is prevented when WRT overflow is open by:
a) an arrangement on blow and vent manifold which prevents opening of WRT blow valve
b) an arrangement which directs the air from WRT to the Trim tank
c) a quick operating valve which stops flow of air to WRT
d) a quick operating valve which stops flow of air to Trim tank
2) After loading a torpedo into a tube against the stop bolt, the breech door will not close.  This is because:
a) guide stud improperly placed
b) after propeller nut reversed
c) tail stop screwed out too far
d) tail stop screwed in too far


4) A semi-circular lug mounted on the upper hinge arm of the breech door:
a) prevents inner and outer doors from being open at the same time
b) prevents inner door and drain valve from being open at the same time
c) prevents locking ring from being turned when outer door is open
d) prevents locking ring from being turned when inner door is open


6) The electrical setting cable attached to the breech door must be:
a) checked regularly for cuts or cracking of insulation
b) kept dry by keeping a plug over the end at all times
c) kept dry by keeping cable connected at all times
d) kept dry by latch which prevents door from closing unless plug or cable is connected


8) There are ___ flood and drain manifolds on a submarine.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8


10) Prior to firing the torpedo tube, it is necessary to back off one quarter turn on the tail stop to prevent:
a) starting the torpedo
b) bending the speed or depth spindles
c) striking the muzzle door too hard
d) binding or bending of the stop bolt

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