Smokeboat Quiz #42

Distilling Systems - Part 4.

1) Distilling plants should be cleaned every 250 hours with:
a) sodium acid sulphate
b) sulphuric acid
c) boiler compound
d) soap and water


3) The heat exchanger on the Model Y-1 consists of ______ ID tubes.
a) 36 - one and one quarter inch
b) 40 - three quarter inch
c) 50 - one and one quarter inch
d) 50 - three quarter inch


5) Which of the following statements concerning the operation of the Model X-1, as converted for snorkel, is correct?
a) turn on electric heaters or decrease feed to reduce pressure
b) increase feed to reduce overflow
c) increase compressor speed to reduce condessate rate
d) increase feed to reduce pressure


7) When mechanically cleaning the Model X-1by the mechanical method, the cutter should make ______ RPMs.
a) 1,230
b) 2,340
c) 3,450
d) 4,560


9) The vapor compressor on the Cleaver-Brooks evaporator is of the:
a) 2 lobe type
b) 3 lobe type
c) centrifugal blade type
d) reciprocating piston type
2) Which of the following was not a conversion made to the Badger Model V-1 after testing aboard ship?
a) vacuum pump installed
b) pressure controlled switch installed
c) thermostatic switch removed
d) changes were made in lines and flowmeters


4) On the Model V-1, desuperheater water is provided from:
a) sea
b) desuperheater drip tank
c) distillate pump
d) distillate tank


6) The packing of the 3/4" tubes of the heat exchanger, on the Model X-1, must be installed with:
a) all fiber rings
b) all metallic rings
c) the metallic ring in contact with the distillate
d) the fiber ring in contact with the distillate


8) The Badger Model V-1 is designed to operate:
a) identically to the X-1
b) at low pressures
c) at high pressures
d) under a vacuum


10) The Model S, Model X-1, Clever-Brooks, and the Model V-1 anre the same in:
a) size
b) capacity
c) operating principles
d) operating details

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