Smokeboat Quiz #40

Distilling Systems - Part 2.

1) In the Roots-Connersville Compressor, the compressor is lubricated from:
a) lube oil pump
b) two reservoirs
c) drip feed
d) wier cup


3) On the Model S unit, when cleaning the shells other than with acid, they should be:
a) wire brushed
b) sand blasted
c) chipped
d) none of these


5) The only difference between the Model S and the Model X-1 is in the:
a) distilling process
b) compression process
c) mechanical design
d) electrical input


7) On the Model X-1, the overflow of concentrated brine flows from the heat exchanger to a:
a) brine filter
b) brine receiver
c) feed water heater
d) distillate condenser


9) In normal operation of the Model X-1, the desuperheater flow is at the rate of ______ drops per minute.
a) 50
b) 100
c) 200
d) 400
2) On the Roots-Connersville Compressor, the total end clearance of the impellors should be:
a) 0.008 in.
b) 0.004 in.
c) 0.012 in.
d) 0.120 in.


4) When cleaning the Model S unit with acid, ______ is used.
a) sulfuric
b) muriatic
c) jurassic
d) ascidium


6) On the Model X-1, the ___ prevents any steam from flowing from the steam chest to the heat exchanger.
a) oriface
b) retarders
c) steam trap
d) steam chest regulator


8) On the Model X-1 evaporator, a ______ p.s.i. pressure gauge is connected in the vapor discharge line
a) 0 - 5
b) 0 - 15
c) 0 - 25
d) 0 - 20


10) On the Model X-1, the condensate flows in ______ of the large diameter tubes of the heat exchanger.
a) 12
b) 24
c) 36
d) 48

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