Smokeboat Quiz #38

Hydraulic System & Windlass Capstan - Part 7.

1) Stern planes are prevented from moving while submarine is surfaced by a:
a) hydraulic lock
b) interlocking device
c) centering pin
d) drift stop


3) To prevent the planes from being tilted when rigging in, a ______ is used.
a) tilting interlock
b) rigging cutout valve
c) rigging interlock valve
d) drift stop


5) Hand operation of the windlass is accomplished by:
a) using chaindrive assembly in the forward torpedo room
b) rotating steering telemotor
c) rotating tilting telemotor
d) using power from the main hydraulic plant


7) The after capstan is driven by:
a) power from main hydraulic plant
b) the electric steering motor
c) the stern plane tilting motor
d) hydraulic power from stern plane tilting motor


9) The forward capstan is powered from:
a) the bow plane tilting pump
b) the main plant in hand
c) B-end pump in fwd. torpedo room
d) A-10 motor in fwd. torpedo room
2) The stern plane drift stop is removed by:
a) hand, prior to operation of the planes
b) moving planes to the rise position
c) moving planes to the dive position
d) motor stopped by electrical switch


4) On E. B. boats, the bow planes cannot be rigged unless the planes are set between ______ degrees dive.
a) 5 to 25
b) 0 to 20
c) 0 to 15
d) 0 to 10


6) The ground tackle consists of ______ stockless anchor/s and ______ fathoms.
a) one 2,000 lb., 105
b) one 2,200 lb., 100
c) two 2,200 lb., 105
d) one 2,200 lb., 105


8) When operating the after capstan, the stern plane hydraulic pump control shaft should be:
a) secured
b) in neutral
c) in forward motion
d) in aft motion


10) For various operations of the bow plane rigging, windlass and capstan, there are ______ clutches.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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