Smokeboat Quiz #36

Hydraulic System & Windlass Capstan - Part 5.

1) A hand driven telemotor transmits oil to:
a) the control cylinder
b) a Waterbury electric driven pump
c) the change valve
d) the stroke selector cylinder


3) The cylinder barrel and socket ring of a Waterbury pump are mounted on the:
a) control shaft
b) drive shaft
c) control cylinder
d) tilting box


5) The direction of pumping from a hand driven A-end pump is changed:
a) by changing tilt on tilt box
b) by reversing tilt on tilt box
c) by using stroke adjustment lever
d) by reversing direction of pump


7) Normal power steering is obtained from a:
a) A-end motor driven pump
b) B-end motor driven pump
c) A-end telemotor
d) size 10, A-end pump


9) The central distribution manifold for the steering system has __ valves:
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9
2) Whenever the pump tilting box is in the vertical position:
a) there is faster pumping action
b) there is slower pumping action
c) there is no pumping action
d) the pump is secured


4) The Waterbury A-end is a:
a) reciprocating multiple piston motor
b) centrifugal multiple piston pump
c) reciprocating multiple piston pump
d) centrifugal multiple piston motor


6) The source of power used for steering in emergency is the:
a) main hydraulic plant
b) Waterbury 5A-end hand driven
c) Waterbury 10A-end hand driven
d) none of the above


8) The unit which selects the source of power for steering is called the:
a) stroke selector
b) cut-out selector
c) distribution manifold
d) change valve


10) The steering crosshead is connected to the:
a) rams and connecting rods
b) hydraulic cylinders and rams
c) connecting rods and rudder
d) rudder and rams

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