Smokeboat Quiz #35

Hydraulic System & Windlass Capstan - Part 4.

1) The main induction control valve lever is identified by:
a) straight lever
b) T-shaped
c) ball knob
d) triangle lever


3) The main snorkel control manifold contains ___ control levers.  The levers from forward to aft are:
a) 3 - main snorkel induction, mast hoist control, main snorkel exhaust valve
b) 3 - mast hoist control, main snorkel exhaust, main induction
c) 4 - snorkel induction, snorkel exhaust, intake mast hoist, exhaust mast hoist
d) 2 - snorkel induction, snorkel exhaust


5) The periscopes are raised by ______ and lowered by ______ .
a) hydraulic power - hydraulic power
b) a hydraulic motor - lowered by own weight
c) hydraulic power - lowered by own weight
d) none of the above


7) All hydraulic Waterbury pumps must have ___ oil lines
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4


9) The control cylinder of a Waterbury pump operates the:
a) socket ring
b) cylinder barrel
c) pistons
d) tilting box
2) The control valves on the control manifold have ___ positions they are:
a) 3 - hand, emergency, normal power
b) 3 - open, shut, emergency
c) 4 - hand, emergency, open, shut
d) 4 - open, shut, manual, automatic


4) The snorkel mast is raised and lowered:
a) by hydraulic power from main plant
b) by hydraulic power, lowered by own weight
c) by a set of gears driven by a hydraulic motor
d) mechanically by an electric motor


6) The snorkel exhaust valve operating mechanism, receives its hydraulic power from:
a) after service line
b) forward service line
c) Waterbury A-10 pump
d) A-5 Waterbury speed gear


8) To form a power transmitting unit, the ______ and ______ are often used together.
a) A-end - B-end speed gear
b) IMO pump - A-end speed gear
c) B-end speed gear - IMO pump
d) hydraulic accumulator - A-end speed gear


10) The controlling power of oil from a pump unit is caused by the:
a) control cylinder
b) tilting box
c) control pistons
d) accumulator

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