Smokeboat Quiz #34

Hydraulic System & Windlass Capstan - Part 3.

1) Air leakage is maintained to a minimun by:
a) keeping a positive pressure on the system
b) keeping a vacuum on the system
c) maintaining hydraulic leaks to a minimum
d) purging the system at regular intervals


3) The IMO pump has ____ positions.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5


5) Hydraulic reserve oil tanks are located in the ______ room.
a) pump
b) after torpedo
c) after engine
d) forward torpedo


7) The main hydraulic unit which acts as distribution and receiving center for the oil used throughout the system, is the:
a) accumulator
b) supply tank
c) IMO pumps
d) hydraulic main manifold


9) To prevent loss of oil from main system to a operating unit, in case of a ruptured line, the control valve lever is placed in the ______ position.
a) shut
b) emergency
c) hand
d) open
2) Oil is transferred from the reserve stowage tanks to the main oil supply tank by:
a) blowing with 225# air
b) an electric driven pump
c) a hand operated pump
d) a centrifugal pump


4) If the IMO pumps switches are in automatic, controlling of the pumps is done by the ______ .
a) pilot valve
b) accumulator
c) automatic by-pass
d) manifold operatore


6) The relief valve on the main hydraulic oil system (oil side) is set at ______ psi.
a) 750
b) 650
c) 550
d) 600


8) On the main distribution cut-out manifold, there are ___ vallves, ___ for return and ___ for supply.
a) 6 - 3 - 3
b) 8 - 4 - 4
c) 10 - 5 - 5
d) 12 - 6 - 6


10) To prevent a hydraulic lock of an operating unit, the control valve must be placed in the ______ position.
a) hand
b) shut
c) open
d) emergency

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