Smokeboat Quiz #33

Hydraulic System & Windlass Capstan - Part 2.

1) The hydraulic accumulator has a stowage capacity of ______ cu. in. of oil under ______ lb. pressure:
a) 2,500 - 500
b) 2,000 - 700
c) 1,500 - 600
d) 2,500 - 600


3) The accumulator air flask is charged from the ______ lb. system through a ______ .
a) 3,000 - reducer
b) 600 - restricter valve
c) 3,000 - air charging manifold
d) 600 - air charging manifold


5) The pilot valve is actuated by:
a) a rocker arm attached to the floating plunger on the accumulator
b) hydraulic power from the accumulator
c) electrical power when the accumulator is either fully charged or discharged
d) a cam roller attached to the accumulator plunger


7) The purpose of the pilot is to:
a) control the opening and shutting of the non-return valve
b) control the opening and shutting of the automatic by-pass valve and the non-return valve
c) shut down the IMO pump when the accumulator is charged
d) control the opening and closing of the automatic by-pass valve


9) Under normal operation, the air is vented from the hydraulic systems:
a) automatically through the vent and replenishing system
b) by hand through vent cocks
c) by purging valves, automatically operated
d) by none of these methods
2) Which is not a function of the hydraulic accumulator?
a) maintains a constant pressure on the system
b) provides a supply of oilunder pressure to operate hydraulic equipment
c) controls oil delivery from IMO pump
d) controls the opening and shutting of the automatic by-pass valve


4) The accumulator air flask acts as/to:
a) maintain a pressure on the hydraulic system
b) an air volume tank
c) control the oil pressure in the system
d) control the pilot valve


6) Both automatic by-pass and non-return valves are shut by:
a) oil pressure
b) air pressure
c) pressure from accumulator
d) spring pressure


8) The purpose of the non-return valve is to:
a) prevent loss of oil pressure from main hydraulic system when automatic by-pass valve is shut
b) supply oil as needed to the main hydraulic system
c) prevent loss of oil pressure from main hydraulic plant when automatic by-pass is open
d) to by-pass oil back to suction side of IMO pump when accumulator is charged


10) The vent and surge tanks are under a pressure of about ______ lbs.
a) 5
b) 10
c) 15
d) 20

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