Smokeboat Quiz #32

Hydraulic System & Windlass Capstan - Part 1.

1) All submarine hydraulic moveable parts are:
a) lubricated by forced feed
b) self lubricated
c) lubricated by drip system
d) lubricated manually


3) The units used to adjust transmission of hydraulic power between the accumulator and operating gear are:
a) Waterbury speed gear
b) B-end motor
c) control valves
d) IMO pumps


5) The main hydraulic system may be conveniently divided into ___ groups.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6


7) Which unit is not a part of the power generating system?
a) main supply tank
b) main hydraulic manifold
c) pilot valve
d) reserve storage tanks


9) The unit that contains a volume of oil at working pressure, is the:
a) IMO pumps
b) supply tank
c) Waterbury pumps
d) accumulator
2) Advantages of hydraulic power over electrical are:
a) light weight and reliable
b) sensitive and precise control
c) little wear and corrosion
d) all of the above


4) The main hydraulic power generating system supplies power to the:
a) forward and after service lines
b) bow plane tilting
c) IMO pumps
d) steering


6) The practical application of hydraulics on a submarine is dependent upon the:
a) principle of Pascal's law
b) type of equipment being used
c) principle of Kersel's law
d) hydraulic fluid


8) A pressure is maintained on the main supply tank by:
a) the accumulator
b) air volume tank
c) accumulator air flask
d) IMO pumps


10) The accumulator air flask is protected from excessive pressure by a:
a) reducing valve
b) regulator
c) automatic control valve
d) relief valve

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