Smokeboat Quiz #31

Fuel and Lubricating Oil Systems - Part 3.

1) The valves on the compensating water manifold are normally:
a) all open
b) all shut
c) A - B - D open; C shut
d) A - C - D open; B shut


3) There are ______ clean fuel oil tanks, with a capacity of ______ .
a) 2 - 1,000 gallons total
b) 2 - 600 gallons total
c) 2 - 600 gallons each
d) 2 - 1,000 gallons each


5) When emptying a fuel tank completely to effect repairs, the water or fuel:
a) is pumped out
b) is blown out through the fuel and transfer line
c) is drained through the fuel and transfer line
d) is blown out through the compensating water line


7) The reason for the change in the basic tank arrangement of the Tench class submarine was to:
a) increase the fuel capacity
b) improve the method of trimming the ship
c) increase the stability
d) decrease the transition period between surfaced and submerged conditions


9) The lube oil purifier should be cleaned:
a) every 24 hours of operation
b) each 4 hour watch
c) each hour of operation
d) every 12 hours
2) On a war patrol a submarine would use fuel from ______ first.
a) FBT 4
b) NLOT 1
c) NFOT 6
d) NFOT 7


4) Water is removed from collecting tank by:
a) pumping with the drain pump
b) blowing
c) pumping with the fuel oil transfer pump
d) compensating water line


6) To determine whether a fuel tank on service is empty of fuel:
a) the liquidometers will read empty
b) test cocks are used
c) the liquidometer on expansion tank will start reading toward empty
d) the liquidometer on collecting tank will start reading toward empty


8) Oil is transferred normally from a lube oil storage to the sump tanks on the Becuna class submarine by:
a) pumping with the fuel oil transfer pump
b) blowing with 225# air
c) blowing with air reduced to 13#
d) pumping with the main engine attached lube oil pump


10) For the storage of lubercating oil there are:
a) 3 NLOTs
b) 3 NLOTs and 4 engine sump tanks
c) 3 NLOTs and an emergency lube oil tank in each engineroom
d) 3 NLOTs and a reserve lube oil tank

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