Smokeboat Quiz #30

Fuel and Lubricating Oil - Part 2.

1) The expansion tank has three principle functions which are:
a) expansion of fuel oil, settling tank, place to pump bilges
b) pump bilges into, settling tank, prevent water from getting into CFOT
c) settling tank, expansion of fuel oil, keep water out of CFOT
d) expansion of fuel oil, pump bilges into, prevent oil from being blown overboard in event of air leak in fuel tank


3) One fuel tank is on service at all times normally to:
a) equalize sea pressure on collecting tank
b) insure an adaquate fuel supply
c) assure an equalization of pressure in expansion tank
d) equalize the pressure within the fuel tanks


5) Which of the following is incorrect concerning the fuel oil filling and transfer line?
a) there is a connection to the top of both sides of each FBT and NFOT
b) there is a connection to the top of collecting tank
c) the valve between collecting tank and the fuel filling and transfer line is normally in the open position
d) the fuel filling connection is located on the main deck above the after engine room


7) The compensating water manifold:
a) permits expansion tank to be bypassed when fueling or when collecting tank is ruptured
b) permits collecting tank to be blown dry
c) permits expansion tank to be bypassed
d) directs fuel oil to the various tanks


9) Under normal conditions all compensating water valves to the fuel tanks:
a) are locked shut
b) are locked open on tank on service only
c) are locked open
d) are locked open on all tanks except the tank on service
2) Which of the following is an incorrect statement concerning expansion tank?
a) it is on the opposite side of the submarine from collecting tank
b) the compensating water line inside the submarine taps off the bottom of the expansion tank
c) it may be considered a buffer in the fuel system
d) air in expansion tank may be removed through the blow and vent manifold


4) Which of the following is not a function of the fuel oil filling and transfer line?
a) to transfer fuel from any tank directly to the engines
b) to transfer fuel to the purifiers and metering system
c) to permit fueling and defueling of all tanks
d) to permit the transfer of fuel between tanks


6) The header box or gooseneck serves to:
a) keep a constant pressure on the compensating system
b) prevent fuel oil from going overboard when fueling
c) equalize sea pressure in the clean fuel oil tanks
d) act as a hose connection for the compensating water line


8) The normal method of supplying pressure to the compensating water system when the submarine is on the surface is by the:
a) main motor circulating water system
b) main engine circulating water system
c) trim pump
d) drain pump


10) After you have pumped oil from the bilges through the compensating water system to the expansion tank, the oil is rempoved:
a) by pumping with the drain pump
b) blowing it to collecting tank
c) through the fuel tank on service
d) the next time the ship is refueled

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