Smokeboat Quiz #23

Trim and Drain Systems - Part 3.

1) On the Portsmouth type trim manifold, water can be transferred directly from one auxiliary tank to the other by:
a) blowing
b) pumping
c) blowing or pumping
d) no direct method


3) The Portsmouth type trim manifold contains ______ valves.
a) 16
b) 14
c) 12
d) 10


5) The drain line has connections to all compartments except:
a) pump and battery rooms
b) fwd. and after battery compartments
c) fwd. and after battery and conning tower
d) pump room and conning tower


7) When pumping bilges, the water is normally discharged to:
a) sea
b) trim tanks
c) collecting tank
d) expansion tank


9) The drain pump overboard stop valve is a:
a) globe valve
b) gate valve
c) stop check valve
d) angle valve
2) The Porthmouth type trim manifold is divided into ______ sections.
a) 2 - suction and discharge
b) 3 - suction, discharge, and flood and drain
c) 4 - suction, discharge, flood, and drain
d) 3 - 1 suction and 2 discharges


4) Aft of the after drain line stop valve in the control room, there is a connection to the:
a) pump room bilges
b) periscope well
c) ammunition locker
d) garbage disposal unit


6) The drain pump can take a suction on which of the following tanks:
a) expansion
b) collecting
c) sanitary
d) both a and b are correct


8) In the after engine room, in addition to the two bilge suctions, there is a connection to the:
a) collecting tank
b) expansion tank
c) clean fuel oil tank
d) trim line


10) The drain pump can be operated:
a) in parallel only
b) in parallel or series
c) in series only
d) on the surface only

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