Smokeboat Quiz #22

Trim and Drain Systems - Part 2.

1) To flood a VBT from sea, the _____ for that tank should be opened.
a) flood valve
b) suction valve
c) sea valve
d) discharge valve


3) When draining the torpedo tubes to WRT tank, the:
a) tube drain valve and WRT drain stop must be open
b) tube drain valve and WRT flood and suction must be open
c) WRT drain stop and WRT flood and suction must be open
d) tube drain must be open


5) The pyrotechnic locker is flooded through the:
a) trim manifold
b) forward trim line
c) after trim line
d) after trim line and from sea


7) The trim line hose connection is used for:
a) pumping bilges and fighting fires
b) fighting fires and pumping MBT in an emergency
c) pumping bilges and MBT in an emergency
d) all of the above are correct


9) The WRT and trim tank manifolds are used with the trim manifold to:
a) keep the trim line free of air
b) control flooding and pumping WRT and trim tanks
c) control flooding and pumping WRT
d) isolate the torpedo tubes
2) The torpedo tubes may be flooded with which of the following:
a) trim pump
b) drain pump
c) air
d) all of the above


4) The pump sea stop valve is of the ______ type.
a) rising stem disc and seat
b) gate valve
c) high pressure
d) globe valve


6) The crank handle for operating the magazine flood valve is located:
a) in a rack alongside the valve
b) inside the box enclosing the valve stem
c) inside the test casting box
d) on the valve, attached to the stem


8) The trim line hose connections are located in:
a) the battery compartments
b) all compartments except the maneuvering room
c) all compartments except the conning tower
d) all compartments except the torpedo rooms


10) The tanks connected to the trim system are the ______ tanks.
a) variable ballast
b) special ballast
c) variable, safety and negative
d) variable and special ballast

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