Smokeboat Quiz #21

Trim and Drain Systems - Part 1.

1) The trim manifold is:
a) divided into two sections and contains sixteen valves 
b) divided into two sections and contains eight valves
c) divided into four sections, each section containing four valves
d) divided into four sections, each section containing eight valves


3) The function of the priming pump in the trim system is:
a) to free the trim and drain system of air
b) as an emergency standby for the trim pump
c) to free the trim pump of air
d) to supply a head of water under pressure to the trim pump


5) The trim pump is operated in series positions at depths of ______ or greater
a) 200
b) 250
c) 150
d) 300


7) The trim pump is a ______ pump.
a) six stage reciprocating
b) multi-stage reciprocating
c) two stage centrifugal
d) six stage centrifugal


9) At a depth of 251 ft., the capacity of the trim pump is ______ lbs. per min.
a) 2,500
b) 1,500
c) 1,350
d) 1,000
2) The priming pump is of the ______ type.
a) centrifugal
b) water piston
c) vacuum
d) reciprocating


4) The maximum speed of the trim pump is ______ RPM and is controlled by a ______ .
a) 2,000 - rheostat
b) 2,400 - rheostat
c) 1,400 - controller
d) 2,200 - controller


6) The tanks connected to the trim system are the ______ tanks.
a) variable ballast
b) special ballast
c) variable, safety and negative
d) variable and special ballast


8) When the trim pump is in the series position, the volume:
a) and pressure is increased
b) is increased, the pressure decreased
c) is decreased, the pressure increased
d) and pressure is decreased


10) In all pumping operations, the trim pump suction and discharge valves must be:
a) open
b) shut when pumping from sea, open other times
c) shut
d) opened after pump started

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