Smokeboat Quiz #20

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Fresh Water Systems - Part 3.

1) The normal fresh water storage capacity of a submarine is about 5400 gallons, including battery water, this will last about:
a) 6 days
b) 10 days
c) 8 days
d) 12 days


3) The three sources of supply for the feed water for the distillery units are:
a) trim line aft, from sea, and fresh water service line
b) the engine CW system, trim line aft, and from sea
c) the drain line, from sea, and trim line aft
d) drain line aft, from sea, and fresh water service line


5) Which of the following is not a purpose of the compressor in the refrigeration cycle?
a) keeps fluid circulating in the system
b) lowers condensation point
c) maintains a practically constant in the evaporator
d) removes vapor from the evaporator


7) The dividing line between the high and low pressure sides is the:
a) compressor
b) condenser
c) thermostatic expansion valve
d) receiver


9) All navy freon 12 cylinders are marked with:
a) a green bottle with a white strip
b) a red bottle
c) a black body and a yellow neck
d) a yellow body and a black neck 
2) Most submarines have installed two model AAA-1 Badger vapor compressor distillers. These distillers have an output of ___ to ___ gallons of distilled water per hour, with a feed rate of ___ gallons per hour.
a) 60/70 - 70
b) 45/50 - 80
c) 40/60 - 60
d) 45/50 - 70


4) On snorkel boats, the distilling units have _____ heaters of which _____ are automatically controlled.
a) 10 - 5
b) 8 - 4
c) 6 - 3
d) 6 - 6


6) Which of the following is a correct description of the submarine type refrigeration compressor?
a) horizontal, double acting, centrifrigal, 4 cylinder
b) vertical, single acting, reciprocating, 2 cylinder type
c) vertical, double acting, reciprocating, 2 cylinder type
d) horizontal, single acting, reciprocating, 2 cylinder type


8) The relief valve on the air conditioning compressor discharge line operates at:
a) 100 psi
b) 150 psi
c) 200 psi
d) 250 psi


10) Normal compressor starting and stopping is controlled by the:
a) high pressure cutout switch
b) low pressure cutout switch
c) thermal expansion valve
d) none of the above

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