Smokeboat Quiz #19

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Fresh Water Systems - Part 2.

1) The evaporators for the refrigeration plant are located in the:
a) after battery
b) pump room
c) forward engine room
d) after engine room


3) The temperature of the freon in the refrigeration evaporator is about:
a) 30 degrees F
b) 16 degrees F
c) -16 degrees F
d) -30 degrees F


5) The compressor discharge pressure is regulated by the amount of _____ allowed to pass through the condenser.
a) liquid freon
b) freon gas
c) salt water
d) fresh water


7) Water for washing and cooking is heated by electric heaters. How many and how large is their total capacity?
a) 3 - 70 gal
b) 3 - 60 gal
c) 2 - 80 gal
d) 2 - 70 gal


9) The ion exchanger located in the battery water system is used to:
a) remove salt impurities
b) test battery water
c) remove metallic impurities
d) filter out sediment 
2) On most classes of submarines the capacity of the air conditioners are:
a) 10 tons
b) 15 tons
c) 18 tons
d) 21 tons


4) The air conditioning system on the 563 class submarine has _____ ton plates.
a) 2 - 18
b) 1 - 18
c) 1 - 21
d) 2 - 21


6) The external fresh water filling connection is located in the:
a) control room
b) fwd torpedo room
c) aft battery
d) fwd battery


8) The tri cocks and blowing and venting manifolds for 1 - 2 fresh water tanks are located in the _____ room. The above manifolds for 3 - 4 fresh water tanks are located in the _____ room.
a) fwd battery - control
b) fwd battery - aft battery
c) fwd torpedo - control
d) fwd torpedo - aft battery


10) A distilling plant consists of two principle parts.  They are:
a) evaporator and compressor
b) compressor and heat exchanger
c) heat exchanger and evaporator
d) evaporator and vapor separator

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