Smokeboat Quiz #18

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Fresh Water Systems - Part 1.

1) The primary reason for air conditioning being installed aboard submarines is:
a) reduce the chance of electrical grounds
b) for human comfort
c) cooling the air
d) cool mechanical and electrical equipment


3) The receiver of a refrigeration plant performs the following function/s:
a) acts as a surge tank
b) surge tank and as a seal between the liquid and the vapor
c) acts as a dehydrator and a surge tank
d) acts as a seal on the system


5) After freon boils to gas inside the coil the freon:
a) becomes cooler
b) picks up more heat
c) starts changing to a liquid
d) maintains its temperature


7) The unit which stores liquid freon for instant use in the system is:
a) the condenser
b) the expansion valve
c) the compressor
d) the receiver


9) To defrost the evaporator coils:
a) warm air is blown on coils
b) hot water is forced through the coils
c) liquid freon is forced through the coils
d) hot freon gas is forced through the coils 
2) The capacity of a refrigeration or air conditioning plant is the amount of work that a plant is capable of performing and is expressed in:
a) BTU's per hour
b) refrigeration tons
c) BTU's per day
d) lbs per day


4) Freon 12, used as a refrigerant, has a special quality, which is a must when used aboard a submarine.  This quality is:
a) boils at a very low temperature
b) boils at a high temperature
c) be a safe refrigerant
d) be able to change its state readily


6) The thermo-bulb controls the action of the:
a) compressor
b) condenser
c) expansion valve
d) receiver


8) The refrigeration plant aboard a submarine has a capacity of:
a) 1/4 ton
b) 1/3 ton
c) 1/2 ton
d) 3/4 ton


10) The device used to automatically control the flow of freon into the evaporator is known as:
a) low pressure cutout
b) high pressure cutout
c) thermostatic expansion valve
d) solenoid

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