Smokeboat Quiz #17

Ventilation & Snorkel Systems - Part 4.

1) The snorkel masts are raised by power received from the:
a) main hydraulic system
b) main battery
c) auxiliary power
d) snorkel hydraulic system


3) The snorkel masts may be placed in _____ marked positions.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4


5) While submerged and snorkeling, the additional weight aboard the submarine is:
a) 3,000 lbs.
b) 5,000 lbs.
c) 8,000 lbs.
d) 11,000 lbs.


7) If the snorkel mast is not lowered prior to passing a depth of _____ feet, the water pressure will force the mast to the lowered position.
a) 135
b) 150
c) 170
d) 185


9) The safety device that normally controls the operation of the head valve when snorkeling is:
a) one electrode
b) two electrodes
c) three electrodes
d) four electrodes
2) The hand operated bypass switch is closed for _____ when snorkeling
a) emergency only
b) normal operation
c) starting engines
d) stopping engines


4) When the exhaust pressure reaches approximately _____ psi, the snorkel exhaust valve will open.
a) 4
b) 7
c) 14
d) 17


6) The snorkel induction mast is drained into:
a) safety tank
b) auxiliaries
c) negative tank
d) pump room bilges


8) Which is NOT a safety cutout circuit that is installed for protection of snorkeling engines?
a) vacuum limit cutout
b) low engine rpm cutout
c) high engine rpm cutout
d) high exhaust back pressure cutout


10) Which statement is NOT true?
a) The engine hull induction valves are 22" in diameter
b) Each induction line has a small drain which will indicate flooding
c) The battery blowers are located on the overhead of each battery compartment
d) There are a total of six blowers in the ventilation system

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