Smokeboat Quiz #16

Ventilation & Snorkel Systems - Part 3.

1) The snorkel head valve is opened by air and shut by:
a) spring pressure
b) air and spring pressure
c) air
d) its own weight


3) The head valve is operated by:
a) hydraulics, springs and electricity
b) air, springs and electricity
c) electricity and springs
d) air and electricity


5) In the event snorkeling is secured due to the operation of the safety circuit, water is prevented from entering the engines by:
a) the engine exhaust gasses
b) the shutting of the engine outboard exhaust valves
c) the shutting of the main snorkel exhaust valve
d) the diffuser plate


7) The main snorkel exhaust valve hydraulic operating mechanism is located in the _____ and is shut from the:
a) galley - control and engine rooms
b) control - control and engine rooms
c) galley - forward engine room
d) control - forward engine room


9) The high back pressure cutouts are designed to open at _____ pounds.
a) 5
b) 8
c) 12
d) 15
2) The snorkel exhaust and induction masts are raised:
a) by hydraulic power and are operated separately
b) together and by an electric motor
c) by hydraulic power and are geared together
d) and lowered separately and powered by an electric motor


4) The snorkel induction valve is approximately _____ inches in diameter and of the _____ type.
a) 15 - gate
b) 15 - flapper
c) 22 - flapper
d) 22 - gate


6) The snorkel induction valve may be opened or shut by hand from the:
a) control room
b) after battery room
c) forward engine room
d) after engine room


8) The forward engine room individual snorkel exhaust valve is located in:
a) the forward engine room
b) the after engine room
c) the after battery room
d) the superstructure


10) Vacuum limit switches are located:
a) two in each engine room
b) one in each engine room
c) one in maneuvering and one in forward engine room
d) one in maneuvering and one in each engine room

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