Smokeboat Quiz #15

Ventilation & Snorkel Systems - Part 2.

1) The ships supply blower located in the forward engine room has a capacity of _____ cubic feet per minute and is controlled from the:
a) 1,610 - maneuvering room
b) 2,650 - maneuvering room
c) 1,610 - forward engine room
d) 2,650 - forward engine room


3) When the submarine is cruising on the surface, the discharge from the exhaust blower is:
a) directed overboard
b) directed into the suction side of the supply blower
c) consumed by the main engines
d) consumed by the main motors


5) Air is circulated in the battery by what means?
a) battery exhaust blower
b) main exhaust blower
c) axial fans
d) normal circulation


7) The maximum allowable hydrogen concentration is never greater than:
a) 2.2%
b) 2.4%
c) 2.7%
d) 3.0%


9) During normal surface or submerged operations, how many battery blowers are running?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
2) The ships exhaust blower takes a suction from the:
a) battery exhaust lines in each battery well
b) ships exhaust line leading to all compartments
c) main battery exhaust line
d) ships exhaust leading forward


4) Bulkhead flapper valves are of the:
a) double acting, double cover, clamshell type
b) double acting, double disc, gate type
c) double plate, single disc, clamshell type
d) double disc, single cover, gate type


6) The two principle types of battery ventilation systems are:
a) open cell, closed cell
b) closed cell, guppy
c) guppy, open cell
d) wet cell, dry cell


8) The submarine has a total of _____ battery exhaust blowers.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5


10) On a submarine, the air for ships ventilation on the surface is supplied from:
a) the main induction
b) the snorkel induction mast
c) after engine room hatch
d) conning tower hatch

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