Smokeboat Quiz #14

Ventilation & Snorkel Systems - Part 1.

1) The approximate capacity of the induction lines and stack, if flooded is:
a) 30 tons
b) 25 tons
c) 20 tons
d) 18 tons


3) Air to the ship is supplied through a _____ diameter ventilation stack which is located:
a) 15 in. - in the after battery
b) 36 in. - outside the pressure hull
c) 36 in. - forward of the conning tower
d) 15 in. - outside the pressure hull


5) The wrench for gagging the main induction is located in the:
a) superstructure
b) control room
c) after battery
d) pump room


7) The contact maker attached to the operating mechanism of the hull valves actuates lights in the:
a) control and engine rooms
b) control, engine and maneuvering rooms
c) control, engine and after battery rooms
d) control, engine, after battery, and maneuvering rooms


9) The heart of the ships ventilation system is located in:
a) the after engine room
b) the superstructure, aft of the conning tower
c) the forward engine room
d) both forward and after engine rooms
2) The main induction is located about _____ feet above the keel and may be locked in either the _____ or _____ position
a) 26 - neutral, hand
b) 28 - hand, shut
c) 28 - open, shut
d) 26 - neutral, open


4) The induction hull valves:
a) seat with sea pressure and are closed by their own weight
b) are hydraulically operated only
c) can be operated by hand or hydraulic power
d) none of the above


6) A gagging screw is provided on the hull valves for what purpose?
a) depth charge attack
b) pressure tests
c) all of the above
d) gagging screws are not provided


8) The hull induction flapper valves consist of:
a) two ships ventilation and two engine induction
b) two engine induction and one ships ventilation
c) one ventilation, one engine induction and one snorkel induction
d) one ventilation, two engine induction and one snorkel induction


10) How many compartment ventilation systems are there on a submarine?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

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