Smokeboat Quiz #13

Electrical & Batteries - Part 4.

1) The emergency lighting system carries full battery voltage and can be interrupted only by:
a) removing 300 ampere fuse in battery well
b) opening knife switches in battery well
c) opening battery circuit breakers
d) opening a switch in maneuvering room


3) On Guppy type submarines equipped with 4 main storage batteries, the auxiliary power and lighting is tapped off of batteries number:
a) 1 - - 2
b) 1 - - 4
c) 2 - - 4
d) all 4 batteries


5) The unit designed to read insulation resistance in ohms of the various components of the electrical propulsion system is the:
a) ampere hour meter
b) individual cell voltmeter panel
c) battery voltage scanner
d) ground detector equipment


7) The air in the generator casing is cooled by:
a) fresh water cooler around casing
b) a fan attached to the armature shaft
c) a ventilation fan attached to the armature shaft circulating air through a fresh water cooler
d)  ventilation fan attached to the armature shaft circulating air through a salt water cooler


9) The normal lighting power can be taken from:
a) both batteries at the same time
b) only one battery at a time
c) the main generators and the batteries
d) the main generators and shore power
2) The alarms, general, collision and diving are generated by electronic signal generators and reproduced through the:
a) 7MC system
b) 1MC system
c) sound powered telephone circuit
d) an independent system


4) On battery installations which have electrolyte agitation, air lift pumps have been installed to:
a) ventilate the battery
b) mix the electrolyte and prevent layers of various densities from forming
c) ventilate the battery and mix the electrolyte
d) prevent various densities from forming and to ventilate the battery


6) The battery circuit breakers will disconnect the battery from all equipment except:
a) the auxiliary power circuit
b) the emergency lighting and the auxiliary power
c) emergency lighting and the control circuit for the breakers themselves
d) emergency lighting only


8) During normal operation, the bus ties in the auxiliary power switchboards are:
a) both kept shut
b) both kept open
c) closed on forward switchboard and open on after switchboard
d) open on forward switchboard and closed on after switchboard


10) The auxiliary power equipment is designed to operate over the entire operating range of battery voltage, which is _____ volts.
a) 175 - - - 345
b) 200 - - - 210
c) 110 - - - 250
d) 100 - - - 300

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