Smokeboat Quiz #12

Electrical & Batteries - Part 3.

1) The main generators are rated at _____ KW.
a) 1,000
b) 1,100
c) 1,500
d) 1,600


3) The continuous running positions of the starter levers are series _____ and parallel _____ .
a) 1 - - - - 1
b) 2 - - - - 2
c) 1 - - - - 2
d) 2 - - - - 1


5) Which of the following will reverse the direction of the submarine's main motors?
a) Reverse the direction of the main engine
b) Reverse direction of current flow in the generator shunt field
c) Reverse the direction of the flow in the generator armature
d) Reverse the direction of the current flow in the main motor armature


7) The starter levers  can be placed in _____ positions.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7


9) The water that cools the battery in the battery water cooling system is:
a) salt water circulated by a motor driven pump
b) salt water circulated by sea pressure
c) fresh water  circulated by gravity
d) fresh water cooled by salt water
2) Each main motor operates over a speed range of _____ rpm.
a) 0 - 325
b) 0 - 450
c) 40 - 300
d) 10 - 300


4) The number of generator levers on the main control cubicle are:
a) 4
b) 2
c) 5
d) 6


6) Which of the following functions cannot be accomplished by the submarine's main control equipment?
a) Place all the motors in parallel
b) Supply power to the main motors with only one battery
c) Place all the motors in series with power being supplied directly from the generators
d) Place one motor in parallel and one in series on the battery bus position


8) The positive and negative plates of a storage battery are constructed of:
a) iron, lead oxide
b) lead dioxide, sponge lead
c) sponge lead, monel metal
d) sponge lead, hard rubber


10) The two types of battery ventilation systems installed on submarines are:
a) the closed type and open tank ventilation
b) electrolyte agitation system and closed type
c) individual cell ventilation and closed type
d) electrolyte agitation system and open systems

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