Smokeboat Quiz #11

Electrical & Batteries - Part 2.

1) Ground readings on the battery circuits and the equipment connected to it should be taken at what intervals during a charge?
a) Every fifteen minutes
b) Once each watch
c) At the start of the charge and when the finishing rate is reached
d) Initial starting current


3) A battery discharge must be terminated when one of the following conditions exist:
a) Low voltage limit for discharge is reached
b) Specific gravity of 1.075 is reached
c) Total battery voltage is 175 volts
d) Specific gravity of 1.100 is reached


5) Which of the following would cause one cell to have a lower than normal voltage on discharge and a higher than normal voltage on charge?
a) Sulphation
b) Loose individual cell voltmeter leads
c) Shedding
d) Internal short circuit


7) If salt water enters cells of a battery, which of the following should NOT be attempted?
a) Put the battery on open circuit if possible
b) If impractical to put the battery on open circuit, jump out cells which are salted
c) Draw off electrolyte of the affected cells down to the level of the plates by means of a acid pump taking a suction through the electrolyte withdrawal tube
d) Run the battery blowers at maximum capacity, discharging outboard if possible


9) The submarine electrical installation is divided into _____ systems.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5
2) The discharge characteristics for a submarine battery given on the (Curve and data) plan are based upon which of the following:
a) Minimum cells connected in parallel
b) Maximum cells connected in series and the service rating on the battery
c) Maximum cells connected in parallel and the time rate of discharge
d) None of the above


4) The time duration of a discharge depends on which of the following?
a) Height of electrolyte and specific gravity
b) Initial starting voltage
c) Age, temperature and rate of discharge
d) Initial starting current


6) How frequently should batteries be completely discharged at the 6 hour rate in order to determine the actual capacity?
a) Quarterly
b) Annually
c) Semi-annually
d) Monthly


8) The ground readings on the forward battery are plus 40 and minus 60 volts.  The battery voltage is 250 volts and the voltmeter internal resistance is 50,000 ohms.  What is the total resistance to ground in the forward battery?
a) 60,000 to 80,000 ohms
b) 100,000 to 550,000 ohms
c) Less than 60,000 ohms
d) More than 550,000 ohms


10) Which of the following describes the characteristics of main generators _____  _____ , shunt wound, compensated multipolar:
a) 2 wire, direct current
b) 3 wire, direct current
c) 2 wire, alternating current
d) 3 wire, alternating current

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