Smokeboat Quiz #10

Electrical & Batteries - Part 1.

1) Ceramic domes are used on battery cells in open tank ventilation to prevent:
a) transfer of gases from cell to battery well
b) transfer of gases from battery well to cell
c) transfer of flames from battery well to cell
d) loss of liquid


3) The battery electrolyte temperature limit is _____ degrees.
a) 130
b) 140
c) 150
d) 160


5) Acid stronger than _____ specific gravity must never be added to a battery.
a) 1,300
b) 1,350
c) 1,400
d) 1,835


7) The modified constant potential charging method is preferred to the constant current method because:
a) It is impossible for the battery voltage to exceed the TVG curve voltage
b) It is difficult to maintain a constant current input
c) Less charging time is required
d) Sulphation is less likely to occur


9) During a battery charge, both forward battery blower motors stop.  As duty officer you should:
a) make every attempt to restart the stopped blowers immediately
b) stop the charge, continue battery ventilation using the ship's exhaust blower, and if the hydrogen content is below safe limit and not rising after ten minutes, attempt to restart the blowers
c) stop the charge, secure all ventilation to the batteries, move battery blower damper to both blower position, restart ship's exhaust blower, attempt to restart the stopped blowers
d) stop the charge, secure battery ventilation and watch the hydrogen detectors to see if the hydrogen content is rising
2) What is the corrected specific gravity reading of a Sargo battery when the hydrometer reads 1.222, temperature of the electrolyte 111 degrees F., height of electrolyte is one and 3/4 inches below normal?
a) Between 1.205 and 1.215
b) Between 1.215 and 1.220
c) Between 1.220 and 1.230
d) More than 1.230


4) One battery water-cooling system is used for each installation of _____ cells or less.
a) 126
b) 252
c) 368
d) 504


6) High battery temperature may cause which of the following?
a) Trees and moss short circuit
b) High uncorrected specific gravity
c) Low water losses
d) Low uncorrected specific gravity


8) How long should full ventilation be maintained after completion of a battery charge?
a) One hour
b) Reduce to normal as soon as charge is secured
c) Until hydrogen detector reads zero
d) Twenty minutes after charge is secured


10) Which of the following statements is NOT true?
a) A one quart sample of battery water made by the ship's distilling plant shall be submitted to a navy chemist semi-annually for analysis
b) A minimum of five gallons of battery water shall be drained from the watering gun before taking a sample for testing with silver nitrate
c) Battery water shall be tested at the ship's distillers before being transferred to the battery water tanks
d) One quart of five per cent silver nitrate solution shall be added to each battery water tank quarterly to neutralize any chlorides in the water

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