Smokeboat Quiz #8

Main Propulsion - Part 6.

1) A Kiene indicator is used to indicate:
a) injection
b) temperature
c) friction loss
d) compression and firing pressure


3) The flyweights of a Woodward governor are linked to the fuel control cylinder:
a) hydraulically
b) by gears
c) by spline shaft
d) by none of the above


5) In the oil pressure accumulators used in the governor, pressure is adjusted by:
a) springs
b) regulating valves
c) pilot valves
d) check valves


7) Compensating needle valve adjustment is made with the engine running:
a) 200 to 300 RPM
b) 300 to 400 RPM
c) 400 to 500 RPM
d) 500 to 550 RPM


9) The ball bearing and gears of the governor drive are lubricated with:
a) a feed line from lubricating oil pump
b) splash oil from crankcase
c) oil thrown off the timing chain
d) oil jet from the oil header
2) The Woodward SI governor is remotely controlled through a:
a) AC motor
b) DC motor
c) selsyn
d) solenoid


4) In the event of leaf spring failure in the governor adapter, the governor will: 
a) stop
b) bind
c) seize
d) continue to run


6) Decreasing the compression of the speed adjusting spring in the governor speed control mechanism will cause the engine:
a) speed to increase
b) speed to decrease
c) to stop
d) to surge


8) Once the engine is running, its speed is controlled from the:
a) engine room
b) maneuvering room
c) control room
d) conning tower


10) The overspeed trip mechanism will stop the flow of fuel oil when the GM 278A engine speed exceeds ratio speed by:
a) 107%
b) 112%
c) 115%
d) 118%

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