Smokeboat Quiz #7

Main Propulsion - Part 5.

1) On a GM engine, the attached lubricating oil pump is driven by the:
a) camshaft drive gear train
b) crankshaft
c) timing chain
d) none of the above


3) In a GM engine, the piston pin bearing is lubricated by:
a) an oil jet from the main lubricating oil manifold
b) drilled holes in the crankshaft and connecting rods
c) splash oil from the crankcase
d) 'Oilito' bearings and need no lubrication


5) Cooler zincs should be removed when they have disintegrated:
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 80%


7) An oriface in the F-M's cooling system permits a predetermined amount of fresh water to return to the:
a) fresh water pump
b) cooler
c) engine
d) sylphor regulator


9) An indicator card taken on a diesel engine cylinder will show:
a) temperature of the cylinder
b) injection rate
c) actual work of the engine
d) actual work produced in the cylinder
2) In the GM lubricating system, the generator is lubricated by:
a) generator attached pump
b) electric detached pump
c) engine attached pump
d) seperator system


4) In an F-M engine, the timing chain is lubricated from: 
a) a supply pipe in the upper header
b) a supply pipe in the lower header
c) an opening in end of each camshaft & excess oil from #1 main bearing
d) an oil spray from idler sprockets


6) When treating water with Trisodium Phosphate and cornstarch, the corrosion indicator shows the correct solution when its color is:
a) red
b) yellow
c) orange
d) purple


8) The capacity of the GM engine salt water pump is _____ gal. per min.
a) 350
b) 535
c) 560
d) 620


10) The difference in exhaust temperature between any two cylinders should not exceed:
a) 15 degrees F
b) 25 degrees F
c) 30 degrees F
d) 35 degrees F

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