Smokeboat Quiz #6

Main Propulsion - Part 4.

1) On an F-M engine, the control rod:
a) advances timing
b) is connected to the governor by linkage
c) is connected to the distributor
d) retards timing


3) On an F-M engine, the amount of fuel delivered by the injection pump is controlled by:
a) the pump discharge
b) rotating the pump plunger
c) increasing the pump stroke
d) decreasing spring pressure in the injection nozzle


5) Which of the following is NOT correct?
a) F-M engines are supercharged
b) GM engines are not supercharged
c) F-M and GM engines are supercharged
d) GM engines have a scavenging system


7) Located in each elbow on a GM engine, for measuring the temperature of the exhaust gases from each cylinder, there are:
a) thermometers
b) thermocouples
c) pyrometers
d) barometers


9) The ability of an oil to remove or prevent accumulation of carbon deposits is known as its:
a) sulphur content
b) ash content
c) film strength
d) detergency power
2) On an F-M engine, fuel oil is supplied to the fuel oil injection pump at a pressure of about _____ lbs.
a) 3,000
b) 2,850
c) 15
d) 10


4) The blowers that supply air to the engines are of the _____ type: 
a) impeller
b) multiblade fan
c) high speed turbine
d) lobed rotor


6) The outboard exhaust valves are cooled by:
a) the engine fresh water system
b) the engine salt water system
c) the engine air supply system
d) are out in the open and need no cooling


8) The frame space in a GM engine included between the two legs of the V construction is known as the _____ box.
a) supply
b) scavenging
c) exhaust
d) air


10) The Navy symbol for the type of lubricating oil used in submarine diesel engines is:
a) 1000
b) 3000
c) 5000
d) 9000

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