Smokeboat Quiz #5

Main Propulsion - Part 3.

1) In an F-M engine, timing of the air starting distributor is accomplished by:
a) chain drive from upper crankshaft
b) positioning distributor camshaft on upper crankshaft
c) timing gears from lower crankshaft
d) worm gear drive from lower crankshaft


3) The main source of salt water to replace the fuel used from the fuel oil tanks comes from the:
a) main engine circulating water
b) compensating water pump
c) fuel filling and transfer pump
d) trim pump


5) In the GM engine, fuel oil is sprayed into the cylinder at a _____ angle.
a) 57 degree
b) 60 degree
c) 75 degree
d) 80 degree


7) The fuel oil injector on all fleet submarines operate on the _____ injection system.
a) air
b) solid
c) pre-compression
d) pneumatic


9) On the F-M engines, the fuel oil injectors are located:
a) on the cylinder head
b) at each end of the cylinder
c) on the inboard side of the liner
d) on the left and right side of the liner
2) The expansion tank is connected to the:
a) clean fuel oil system
b) lubricating oil filling and transfer system
c) fuel oil filling and transfer system
d) compensating water system


4) On a GM 278A engine, the fuel oil injection is located: 
a) on the right hand side of the cylinder head
b) on the left hand side of the cylinder head
c) in the center of the cylinder head
d) none of the above


6) The fuel oil pump on a F-M engine is driven:
a) by chain
b) directly from one of the engine's camshafts
c) from the governor
d) by the lower crankshaft


8) In the GM 278A unit injector, the plunger:
a) stroke is variable
b) pumps fuel oil to the fuel oil supply line
c) stroke remains constant
d) operates the fuel rack


10) On a F-M engine, rotary motion of the camshaft is transferred to up and down motion by:
a) rocker levers
b) crosshead assembly
c) tappet assembly
d) none of the above

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