Smokeboat Quiz #4

Main Propulsion - Part 2.

1) On a GM 278A each cylinder head is equipped with:
a) three rocker levers controlling the exhaust valve
b) two rocker levers, one controlling intake, one controlling exhaust
c) three rocker levers, one controlling injection, one controlling exhaust, one controlling intake
d) three rocker levers, two controlling exhaust, one controlling injection


3) On a F-M engine, the control end of the engine is always at:
a) the forward end
b) the after end
c) #1 cylinder
d) #10 cylinder


5) The percentage of the total power delivered by the lower crankshaft of an F-M submarine engine is:
a) 50%
b) 60%
c) 63%
d) 72%


7) Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
a) F-M pistons are made of cast iron
b) F-M pistons are of the trunk type
c) F-M pistons have seven rings on them
d) F-M pistons, upper and lower, are interchangeable


9) On a F-M engine, the cylinder relief valves are set for:
a) 1,000 psi
b) 1,500 psi
c) 2,000 psi
d) 2,500 psi
2) In a GM engine, the cylinder relief is set at:
a) a desired setting by the operator
b) 110% of the operating pressure
c) 150% of the operating pressure
d) pressure given in mfg. instruction book


4) Synchronous torsial vibration is definitely present in a _____ engine. 
a) F-M 10 cylinder
b) F-M 9 cylinder
c) GM 16 248
d) GM 16 248A


6) The crankshafts on a F-M engine are made of:
a) steel alloy
b) steel
c) cast iron
d) aluminum


8) On a F-M engine, each camshaft is driven by a sprocket and a single timing chain at the _____ end of the engine.
a) blower
b) control
c) forward
d) after


10) On a GM main engine, engine starting air goes to:
a) all 16 cylinders
b) 8 of the cylinders, all in one bank
c) 8 of the cylinders, 6 in one bank, 2 in the other
d) 8 of the cylinders, 4 in each bank

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