Smokeboat Quiz #3

Main Propulsion - Part 1.

1) The science that deals with the transformation of energy from one form to another is:
a) Geology
b) Physicology
c) Thermodynamics
d) Physiography


3) A cycle in which combustion, induced by spark ignition, theoretically occurs at a constant volume is known as an:
a) Otto cycle
b) modified diesel cycle
c) diesel cycle
d) thermodynamic cycle


5) The crankshaft supports are commonly referred to as:
a) main bearings
b) journals
c) ball races
d) crankshaft bearings


7) The cylinder liners used in submarine diesel engines are of the:
a) replaceable wet type
b) replaceable dry type
c) unreplaceable wet type
d) unreplaceable dry type


9) In a GM engine, when two successively fired cylinders are connected to one crankpin, the firing interval is _____ degrees.
a) 5
b) 12
c) 40
d) 45
2) For every BTU converted to mechanical energy, the work realized will be:
a) 0.02 H. P.
b) 0.5 H. P.
c) 556 foot lbs.
d) 778 foot lbs.


4) A GM main engine on a fleet type submarine is a: 
a) V type
b) opposed piston
c) radial
d) double acting


6) The piston crowns on both GM and F-M engines are:
a) concave
b) convex
c) milled flat
d) machined smooth


8) The GM 278A main engine is designed with two cylinder banks, the axis of which is _____ degrees apart.
a) 20
b) 30
c) 40
d) 45


10) The thrust bearing in a GM engine is the:
a) forward bearing (#1)
b) bearing nearest the blower
c) center bearing
d) rear bearing (#9)

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