Smokeboat Quiz #2

Compartmentation, Exterior Installation & Tanks

1) The marker bouys are released from the:
a) forward torpedo room and maneuvering room
b)main deck
c) both torpedo rooms
d) control room and torpedo rooms


3) To operate #4 fuel ballast tank emergency vents, you would go to:
a) forward engine room
b) after engine room
c) crew's mess
d) after battery


5) The high pressure air compressor can be operated in the _____ room.
a) pump
b) after engine
c) forward engine
d) control


7) Excluding the conning tower, which of the following items are not found in all compartments?
a) Hydrogen detectors
b) Oxygen flasks
c) Sound powered telephones
d) Internal compartment salvage air valves


9) A submarine carries an approximate total of _____ gallons of fresh water.
a) 2,000
b) 3,000
c) 4,000
d) 5,000
2) Both auxiliary electric power distribution switchboards are operated from:
a) maneuvering
b) maneuvering and control rooms
c) forward and after battery
d) control


4) To start the ship's ventilation blowers, you would be in the: 
a) forward engine room
b) maneuvering room
c) control room
d) after engine room


6) To receive lighting and auxiliary power from ashore, connections are made in the _____ room.
a) control
b) after engine
c) after battery
d) after torpedo


8) A submarine carries an approximate total of _____ gallons of fuel oil.
a) 110,000
b) 115,000
c) 120,000
d) 130,000


10) Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
a) The WRT tanks are variable ballast tanks located in the forward and after torpedo rooms.
b) Fuel ballast tanks when empty, may be converted to main ballast tanks.
c) The poppet valve drain tanks are located under the platform deck of the forward and after torpedo rooms, immediately below the breech of the torpedo tubes.
d) The forward WRT tank is constructed to withstand full sea pressure.

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