Runner Reunion


2001 Reunion at

Kings Bay, GA

From 31 Oct to 5 Nov 2001, I had the pleasure of meeting some fine ex-RUNNER sailors at the annual RUNNER Reunion, held at the Quality Inn, in Kingsland, GA.  As it turned out, most of the 'RUNNER-mates' at this reunion had served on her during World War II and Korea.  Chet Forsyth (who served on RUNNER in the late sixties and had been part of the decommissioning crew) and myself were the only ones there from her 'Cold War' days!  What a treat it was to meet the guys who fought that boat during her 'earlier years'.

Follow the links below to view pictures of the festivities!


  THURSDAY EVENTS - The 'gang' gathers in the RUNNER hospitality room.  Trip to St. Marys Submarine Museum and to the Bancroft Sail exhibit at the sub base.


  FRIDAY EVENTS - We attend the Submarine Memorial Service, hosted by US Submarine Veterans of World War II and COMSUBGRU TEN.  The RUNNER Reunion Dinner was later that evening.


  SATURDAY EVENTS - Spent the day at the SubVets of WW II hospitality room at the Howard Johnsons and that evening, attended their banquet.

To have the opportunity to meet these fine folks and their families, listen to some really great sea-stories (and they sure do have some!), and enjoy the camaraderie that only fellow submarine sailors can understand, was for me, one of the most enjoyable times that I can remember!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all NEXT YEAR at Branson, Missouri!!